Sunday, August 26, 2012

First draft FINISHED!

It's taken six months of writing like a demon while the baby naps and snatching time whenever the boyfriend takes him out and about but I've done it! I've finished the first draft of novel 3 - all 123,110 words of it!

There's a hell of a lot of rewriting and editing to be done, not least how I structure the two narratives so neither suffers from a drop in tension when there's a switch (anyone done that successfully or read a book that does?) but I'm really excited. I can't wait to whip this book into shape (not least because my agent will be promoting it at Frankfurt so I need to get it finished ASAP). I worked on HOME FOR CHRISTMAS for what felt like forever and can't believe this is only the third first draft I've completed.

Thanks for all your agent questions. Maddy will be answering them in September.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ask my agent...anything!

I recently stumbled across a blog post where the author had interviewed her agent and realised that, even though I've been with Maddy Milburn for four years now (first with the Darley Anderson agency and now with her own agency), I haven't once interviewed her on this blog!

So I'm going to...but I want to do things a bit differently. I want to throw it open to my blog readers to throw some questions into the mix. What question have you always wanted to ask a literary agent but have always been too afraid (or never had the opportunity) to ask?

It could be anything from - 'what's the shortest amount of time it's taken you to get an author a book deal?' to 'how old is too old to be an author?' to 'what do you think the next big trend will be?' to 'how do I know if an agent is a good fit for me?' Anything at all! I can't guarantee Maddy will be able to answer every question (you might want to avoid 'will you sign me?' and 'does this sound like a good idea for a novel?') but I know she'll give it a go.

Leave your questions in the comments or, if you'd like to ask your question anonymously, email me at

The best question (as chosen by Maddy) gets a signed copy of 'Home for Christmas', a bookmark and a limited edition tote bag of the Duke of York's cinema, Brighton (the inspiration behind the cinema in 'Home for Christmas') by designer Natalie Gowing.

Closing date for questions - Thursday 23rd August.

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