Saturday, 22 September 2012

Eeek! Novel 3 is with my agent...

She asked if she could read it before the Frankfurt Book Fair so, despite the fact I've only edited up to page 377 (of 477) I emailed it to her just after 5pm yesterday.
And I'm really nervous.
Not just because, other than me, she's the first person to read it but also because (and I'll whisper this bit) I really like what I've written. That perplexes because I normally hate what I've written at this stage and am riddled with insecurity. Not that I don't have any doubts about this book. I do, I know certain parts are quite weak and will need rewriting, but I'm also quite pleased with it. And that makes me nervous. If I hated my other books during the editing stage and my readers loved them then maybe me liking this book means something's gone horribly wrong and my readers will hate it.
Okay so I take it back, I AM still riddled with insecurity this time around!
Am I right to feel this way or wrong? Do you trust your gut instinct about your writing? If you think something you've written is good is it? Or does it turn out to be the worst thing you've ever produced?
I guess I'll just have to see what my agent thinks...
Taking of my agent. Thanks for all the questions. She's got the full list, as well as some of mine, and will be replying as soon as she can.
Happy writing. May all your insecurities be little ones!
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Scarlet Wilson said...

Congrats Cally, bet it's fabulous!

Cally Taylor said...

Scarlet - I'd be happy with halfway decent!

Rebecca Alexander said...

Is it possible that you're just getting better with each book? It's terrifying sending something unpolished off, but agents and editors can see that...and they must know what your finished drafts look like! I'm in the same boat, the publisher that is planning to buy my first book (eek) wanted to see the naked and flawed draft of the second. Ouch! I'm sure they will love your draft, even if they come up with a load of suggestions!

Jai said...

Congratulations, Cally! And I think that being full of insecurities is part of being a writer! I'm the same - when I hate what I've written, others seem to like it! Just last night I was reading through a first draft I wrote last year and I have to admit that I quite liked what I was reading, and I thought exactly the same thing! Maybe if I like it, it really is awful!

Cally Taylor said...

Rebecca - I hope that's the case! I certainly learn a lot with each book, particularly as I seem intent on staying out of my comfort zone by continually trying new structures and POVs. Great news about your publisher wanting to see book two.

Jai - what a relief it's not just me with the 'if I hate it it's great' thing!

Christy McKellen said...

Hi Cally

Congratulations on sending off book 3.

I think it's in a writer's interest to be nervous about what she's sending out - I would be more worried if you were blase about it.

Looking forward to reading this one, I'm totally intrigued by your descriptions of it so far.

x Christy x

D..J. Kirkby said...

I trust my gut instinct but my agent rarely agrees. Sigh. No, that's not entirely true...she loves my nonfiction but my fiction is not her favourite. I love it that you are excited by something you have written and am looking forward to the update post agent feedback. x

Elliot Grace said...

...offering one's newest creation for the first time can indeed make for a tumultuous day ;)

Good luck!


Cally Taylor said...

Christy - I can't wait to say more about book 3 but I'm horribly superstitious. Want there to be a publication date before I spill all!

DJ - I'm not sure how well I can trust my gut instinct either. It was pretty spot on with short stories but novels seem to throw it off a bit.

Elliot - tumultuous indeed! Thanks for the good luck wishes.

Annieye said...

Congratulation, Cally. I am sure all will be fine, after all it is a first draft.

I also love experimenting with different POVs and structure.

I wish you every success with book no. 3.

Chris Stovell said...

Well done, Cally and all best wishes for Book 3... I'm really hoping this is a good sign for me!

Mama J said...

Eek, exciting. Hope your agent loves it.