Sunday, 30 September 2012

The (agent) verdict (on my new novel) is in...

She only bloomin' loves it!

To quote her email it's my 'best, most ambitious novel yet', 'I was utterly hooked from start to finish' and 'it's incredibly suspenseful, chilling and addictive'.

Those closest to us know our family has had a really rotten couple of weeks. It's been one bit of bad news after another, so Maddy's email was just the panacea I needed to lift the gloom. Who am I kidding? Her email made me cry I was so relieved/pleased!

She sent me a few revision suggestions, all of which I totally agreed with (fortunately!) and I spent the whole of yesterday beavering away on the manuscript to get them done. The word count has now reduced from 123,000 (first draft) to 104,775 so that's a fair bit of pruning but I could still do with lobbing off those last 4,775 to get it to a nice round 100,000.

I sent it back to her last night so now I get the day off to celebrate the Spudling's first birthday (a day early) at the grandparent's house. Where has the last year gone? Does time speed up when you've got kids or is it just me?

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Jai said...

Aww, congratulations, Cally! It sounds brilliant! I already can't wait to read it!

Suzanne Furness said...

That's great news so pleased for you. And yes, time speeds up when you've got kids. Don't know where the last 18 years went and eldest now at university! Emjoy every minute of little ones birthday.

Christy McKellen said...

Fantastic news Callie!

Happy birthday to Spudlet, hope he has a great day. Life really does rush by once you have kids to mark the time. It's wonderful and terrifying in equal measure! I find that I don't waste my time any more though, not when there are children to entertain. Those long lazy lie-ins are a thing of the past (until they're teenagers at least :)

x Christy x

Rebecca Alexander said...

I'm so pleased! But not surprised... time just hurtles by, doesn't it? Enjoy these days with Spudlet, you look back on them with such pleasure when they get older.

Beth Kemp said...

Congratulations - that's fab news. As for time, yes, it definitely speeds up once you have kids (and there's never enough of it!)

Chris Stovell said...

Sorry to hear you've had a tough time. What great news about Novel 3 though - not that the rest of us doubted it! Happy birthday to Spudling... the excellent news is that you can celebrate his birthday whenever you like as he is still too young to tell you which day it is! (I had a friend who concealed her children's real birthdays from them for years because it suited her to arrange the dates for her convenience! I'd kind of admired her audacity but couldn't quite bring myself to follow her example!)

Chanpreet said...

Congratulations! I can't wait until the links are up and I can pre-order it!

And congratulations on Spudlet's first birthday, and making it through it as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Good news indeed. Can you give us a hint as to the title or theme of your new book?

Bernadette said...

That's great news, Cally. Well done!

Cally Taylor said...

Hello all! Sorry for the delay in replying to your comments. I've spent the last week or so editing book 3. Back now!

Jai - I look forward to telling you more about it as soon as I'm able :)

Suzanne - Wow, I can't even begin to imagine the Spudling at university, though I can imagine the cost. Ouch!

Christy - I miss long lazy lie-ins like you wouldn't believe! You're right about making the most of your time though. I think I wrote the first draft of novel 3 faster than I wrote the first draft of novel 2 and, back then, I didn't have a baby so my evenings and weekends were mine to use as I chose (I frittered so much time away!)

Rebecca - I already find it hard to remember what he was like as a tiny baby :(

Beth - I know! Children are time stealers. Even whe he's not at home it seems to speedy by!

Chris - I love your friends idea but I just couldn't bring myself to do that! Maybe if the child's birthday was on 29th Feb but it feels a bit wrong otherwise! Fair play to her though :)

Chanpreet - Thank you! I feel like I should celebrate with champagne for surviving his first year (and all the sleepless nights and smelly nappies!)

Captain - Well the title is only a working title so that won't help. Um...let's just say that this book has a female heroine who is older than my other heroines and the subject matter is a teeny tiny bit dark...

Bernadette - Thank you lovely :)

Karen said...

Brilliant, I'm so pleased for you (and can't wait to read it!)

And yes, time does fly. Can't belive it's October already.

Hope things improve on the family front x

Karen said...

... and that Spudlet had a lovely birthday!