Sunday, 30 September 2012

The (agent) verdict (on my new novel) is in...

She only bloomin' loves it!

To quote her email it's my 'best, most ambitious novel yet', 'I was utterly hooked from start to finish' and 'it's incredibly suspenseful, chilling and addictive'.

Those closest to us know our family has had a really rotten couple of weeks. It's been one bit of bad news after another, so Maddy's email was just the panacea I needed to lift the gloom. Who am I kidding? Her email made me cry I was so relieved/pleased!

She sent me a few revision suggestions, all of which I totally agreed with (fortunately!) and I spent the whole of yesterday beavering away on the manuscript to get them done. The word count has now reduced from 123,000 (first draft) to 104,775 so that's a fair bit of pruning but I could still do with lobbing off those last 4,775 to get it to a nice round 100,000.

I sent it back to her last night so now I get the day off to celebrate the Spudling's first birthday (a day early) at the grandparent's house. Where has the last year gone? Does time speed up when you've got kids or is it just me?

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Eeek! Novel 3 is with my agent...

She asked if she could read it before the Frankfurt Book Fair so, despite the fact I've only edited up to page 377 (of 477) I emailed it to her just after 5pm yesterday.
And I'm really nervous.
Not just because, other than me, she's the first person to read it but also because (and I'll whisper this bit) I really like what I've written. That perplexes because I normally hate what I've written at this stage and am riddled with insecurity. Not that I don't have any doubts about this book. I do, I know certain parts are quite weak and will need rewriting, but I'm also quite pleased with it. And that makes me nervous. If I hated my other books during the editing stage and my readers loved them then maybe me liking this book means something's gone horribly wrong and my readers will hate it.
Okay so I take it back, I AM still riddled with insecurity this time around!
Am I right to feel this way or wrong? Do you trust your gut instinct about your writing? If you think something you've written is good is it? Or does it turn out to be the worst thing you've ever produced?
I guess I'll just have to see what my agent thinks...
Taking of my agent. Thanks for all the questions. She's got the full list, as well as some of mine, and will be replying as soon as she can.
Happy writing. May all your insecurities be little ones!
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