Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Me, on the telebox with Noel Edmonds!

What?! I never said I was actually ON Deal or No Deal!

Although I did get quite into being a 'pilgrim' in the audience. Check out my 'oh nooooooo, you just opened the wrong box' face!

Anyone else been in the audience (or a contestant) on TV? It's definitely worth doing once.


Scarlet Wilson said...

Love this! You've no idea the guilty secrets I could tell you about being in an audience ( getting in a fight with j-lo's manager) and auditioning to be a contestant ( britain's brainiest nurse!!)

Bernadette said...

My mum was on Blind Date but the least said about that the better!

Cally Taylor said...

Scarlet - oh my god, talk about intriguing! You'd better be going to the RNA summer conference this year. I need to hear those stories!

Bernadette - WOW! When Cilla did it? Was she the picker or pickee? I need to hear that story too!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Brilliant! You look as if you had a fun time.