Friday, 17 May 2013

Author photo vote, free stories and running away for real...

I've revealed the author photo my editor and agent chose over on my other blog:

(and which one you guys voted for)

I've also added some short stories (to the cltaylorauthor blog) that I've never published online before (some of them are prize winners). They're all free to read and I'll be adding more over the next few weeks. They're a selection of my darker stories.

I'm considering publishing an ebook anthology of my womag (women's magazine) stories this summer, including two stories that are very special to me. 'My Daughter the Deep Sea Diver' which came third in the Writer's Bureau competition and 'Wish You Were Here' the story that was runner up in the Woman's Own short story competition and gave me the confidence to try writing a novel (Heaven Can Wait).

And today I'm guest posting on Liz Fenwick's blog about why I ran away to Paris aged 25. You can read it here:

(Liz's new book - A Cornish Affair - is out on 23rd May)

Monday, 13 May 2013

I've been cheating on you, I'm sorry (want to run away with me?)

Cheating on you with another blog, that is.

I've started one up on Wordpress so I can blog as my psychological suspense alter ego CL Taylor. It's here:

If you pop over there now you can take a peek at my new 'dark' author photos and vote on which one you like best!

Google Reader is going to be discontinued in July which means that the 337 of you (last time I checked) that subscribe to this blog using that service will stop seeing updates when I add new posts. There are other blog readers out there (I haven't investigated them yet) but my agent uses Wordpress and I like how you can subscribe to receive an email update whenever she adds a new blog post so thought I'd move blogging platforms and kill two birds with one stone.

As you've probably noticed I only blog about once or twice a month so if you do follow me to and sign up for the email updates (the form is towards the top right of the page) you'll only receive a couple of emails a month.

I'll still blog here occasionally but, increasingly, I'll be putting my CL Taylor hat on and blogging about writing, and being published in, a new genre so sign up over there if you don't want to miss anything.

Cally 'chicklit' Taylor hasn't completely been abandoned, however. I've got a story called 'Mr Lover Lover' in Belinda Jones's 'Sunlounger' anthology (available on Kindle in July) and I've got an author page up on the terrific website she's set up for the launch. Click on the link if you'd like to find out where I set my story and what my worst ever holiday romance involved.

Hopefully see you over on my other blog. I'll be the one looking all dark and menacing!