Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Themes, motivation and making book bloggers cry...

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for their best wishes and support re my recent dabble in self-publishing. Loads of people bought the book the day it came out (Sunday 18th August) and I was really excited when it shot up to #2 in Amazon's Women Writers Short Story chart:

It's currently #20 in the charts so, while it's not riding high any more it's still doing okay and I'm delighted that people are buying and enjoying it. Well, when I say I enjoying it seems like a couple of stories have made book bloggers cry their eyes out!

 Kim the Bookworm tweeted "Am reading @callytaylor's Secrets and Rain. Only read 1st story but was a blubbering wreck! T'was fab!"

Then Tishylou posted a lovely review and called the collection 'Heart-breaking, heart-warming, tender, sweet, sad' and gave it 5/5 which made my day. 

It's funny, it's been two years since I last had a novel out and, writing in isolation, it's so easy to start doubting yourself and thinking that everything you write is poo, so when someone tells you that something you wrote made them 'sob into my brew' it gives you such an amazing lift. I don't write for myself - if I did I'd never publish anything - I write to connect with others, to entertain or scare them, to get them thinking or make them cry. Hearing feedback that you did just that has to be one - if not THE - most rewarding parts of being a writer. 

I haven't done much promotion for my short story collection. To be honest it wasn't until I pressed the 'publish' button that I thought, 'I guess I should tell people about this.'

Dizzy C was kind enough to contact me to ask if I'd do a guest blog for her so I wrote one about why I've got such a soft spot for short stories here: 


I also wrote a blog post for Sally Quilford on 'theme' and the amazing revelation I had in Julie Cohen's workshop on theme at this summer's RNA conference:


And a 'how to publish a short story collection' post for womag writer:


And that's it! Nik Perring got in touch to ask if I fancied visiting his blog so I'll probably put together a post for him in the next few days but that's me pretty much done with promotion for this book. Unless, um, you'd like to buy it! It's not a complete sob-fest, I promise! There are some amusing and romantic stories in there too (Tishylou totally fell for the male character in 'The Woman Who Became a Tree'). 

So here it is again, 'Secrets and Rain' - twelve prizewinning and previous publishing short stories by me, for just £1.53 (for a limited time). 

Buy it on Amazon.co.uk
Buy it on Amazon.com

Search for it on the other Amazon sites, it should be there. 

Thank you! x


Wendy's Writing said...

One more book sold, Cally...to me! Look forward to reading your stories.

Cally Taylor said...

That's lovely of you Wendy thank you so much! You are obviously a lady of impeccable taste ;)

Peaches Ledwidge said...

Congrats to you, Cally. I love short stories, however, I turned most of my short stories into my nonfiction. I will bookmark your link or note your book for a future purchase. (I read the reviews).

Cara Cooper said...

A high five in your direction Cally, well done for dipping your toe into the water. I keep thinking about self-publishing but am almost more scared of it than traditional publishing. All that work formatting, all that searching for a cover, all that time spent pouring over a hot PC and battling with the technicalities. It makes me shiver in my boots. Good luck to you, and you have made one more sale. I love short stories, both writing and reading them - it's an art form all of its own.

Cally Taylor said...

Hi Peaches, thanks for commenting. I'm interested in how you turn short stories into nonfiction? Or do you mean you turn nonfiction into stories?

Cara - Thanks so much for your comment (and for buying a copy of my book!) I was intimidated by all the work that needed to be done on a self-published short story collection but, by paying other people to do the trickier/most time consuming elements I saved myself a lot of stress (if not money!).

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