Friday, 6 September 2013

Win a 'box of wishes' of your own!

I've been blown away by the response to my short story collection 'Secrets and Rain' - not because my sales have been through the roof or made any bestseller lists but because people have said such lovely things about the book. One story in particular seems to have touched people more deeply than the rest (and made several book bloggers cry!). That story is 'The Little Box of Wishes' and this giveaway is all about that story.

Whenever I have a novel published I buy myself a little something - a picture, a pair of earrings, a charm for my bracelet - and so I found myself browsing Ebay the other day, looking for something to celebrate this publication.

When I found this book book-shaped box, with a lock and key, I instantly fell in love:

It so reminded me of the 'Little Box of Wishes' I had in mind when I wrote the story that I had to buy it. When it arrived today I couldn't stop stroking it but then I thought about all the readers who have contacted me to tell why that story meant so much to them and figured that maybe I should give the box away instead.

Who knows, maybe whoever wins it will make it their own 'little box' and lock some wishes inside. Or maybe they'll keep nik-naks in it or just put it on the shelf and think 'I won that!'.

Anyway, I'm giving it away before I change my mind! And if you'd like to enter (and please do!) then just use the Rafflecopter form below and I'll use to pick the winner on Sunday 15th September.

Good luck!
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