Friday, 18 April 2014

Help me achieve my writerly bucket list!

I'm putting together a bucket list of writerly achievements. Currently on the list are:

- spot a stranger reading my book
- see a poster advertising my book in a train station
- make the Times Bestseller list
- crack the Amazon top 100

I admit that I peered at the books everyone was reading around the pool on holiday but didn't spot anyone reading The Accident and I saw Dorothy Koomson's book posters in Bristol and Reading the other week (& tweeted her a photo because she's lovely) but I'm too small fry for that. But...BUT... the Amazon top 100 is NEARLY within my grasp.

When I got home from holiday this morning at 1am the first thing I did (after I put my toddler to bed) was check my Amazon ranking (it's an affliction I tell you!)


118!!! That means The Accident is the 118th most popular/bestselling ebook on Amazon at the moment. Amazing! And my publisher have dropped the price to 69p for a limited time. I can almost reach out and grab the bottom rung of that top 100!

If you've read The Accident and loved it do please tell your friends (69p is less than most bars of chocolate and far less fattening!) & if you haven't read it yet this is your chance to get it at a ridiculously low price.

And now I'll shut up. There are few sounds more pitiful than the constant 'please buy my book' plea of an author with a new novel out.

(I will revert to 'oh god this book sucks' lamentations when I continue the rewrite of my second psych thriller on Tuesday...)

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Guy Saville said...

I can't say I've really given much thought to the last three on the list (though wouldn't say no to being a Times bestseller!)... but I've always wanted to stumble across someone reading my book. I don't know why that would be so cool... there's just *something* about seeing a stranger reading your book in public. Whether I'd go up to them and introduce myself I don't know. Can you imagine how awful it would be if they said they hated it... LOL.

Glad you made the Amazon top 100, Cally. My copy of your book turned up on the day of publication; I'd ordered it months ago off Amazon. I'm currently snowed under finishing my Book 2, but look forward to reading yours when I'm done

G :-)