Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Accident made the Kindle Top 100!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who tweeted and posted Facebook updates about The Accident yesterday. As a result I woke up to the news this morning that it was number 96 in Amazon's Kindle chart. It made the Top 100 Bestseller's list!
SUCH an amazing feeling. There are hundreds of thousands of books on Amazon and my little book was up there in the top 100!

I get to tick 'Make the Amazon Top 100' off my writerly bucket list! How amazing is that?
Since this morning The Accident has inched its way up as high as number 92 and has slipped as low as number 100 but it's still hanging in there (for now!). By tomorrow (or the time you read this) it may have slipped out of the chart completely but I won't lose sleep if it does. I'm still buzzing that The Accident made the chart at all.

Thank you all again. So very much X


Scott James said...

We're only appreciating your hard work and sleepless nights, thank YOU for writting it in the first place!

CL Taylor said...

Aw, cheers dude. X

Georgina Troy said...

Congratulations and very well deserved! I loved The Accident and flew through it. Great book.x