Thursday, 24 April 2014

When a romcom novel becomes a movie aka Home for Christmas THE FILM!

There's no other way of saying it apart from...

Home for Christmas, my second romantic comedy as Cally Taylor, is being made into a film. Like, RIGHT NOW! *jumps around the room*

It's being filmed in Brighton as we speak and Karl Davies (anyone watch Emmerdale? He was Robert Sugden!) who is playing Matt actually mentioned the words 'on a shoot in Brighton...Home for Christmas, romantic comedy' on Lorraine on ITV the other day!

(Sorry, there will be a massive overuse of exclamation marks in this email, I am ridiculously overexcited. You hear about books being optioned for films and never being made and I honestly believed this was a pie in the sky dream that would never happen when I signed the contract for this last year).

Here's a photo of the scene where Beth and Matt meet for the first time in the PictureBox (this is filmed in The Duke of Yorks' PictureHouse which was the actual inspiration for the fictional cinema in the book).

and here's one of Beth talking to Ryan Gosling (George Clooney in the book) which is the opening scene:

​I cannot begin to tell you how mind-blowing and wonderful and surreal it is to see characters that lived IN MY HEAD become real. And I NEED to see them move and speak and interact and that's why I'm off to Brighton next weekend to watch some filming (and maybe sneak into a scene in a Hitchcockian way!).

My sister, who still lives in Brighton, has already managed to blag herself and some mates into a crowd scene (the one at Matt's grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary where Beth jumps on stage and makes a drunken speech). 

I honestly can't begin to express how excited I am. JumpStart, the production company making this film is tiny, they all have day jobs (some of them work for the Duke of York's cinema which is why they're able to film there), and they didn't pay me a penny for the rights but I don't care. I honestly don't care. Seeing something I wrote come to life is something I've only ever dreamed of and I can't quite believe this is happening (did I say that already?).

The premiere is in Brighton in December and I think I might just faint with excitement. I don't know yet whether the production company have acquired any distribution deals (which mean the film will be shown in cinemas outside Brighton!) but I'll put together another blogpost as soon as I have any news. Hopefully it'll be out on DVD at some point too (aarrgggh, too exciting!).

JumpStart have set up a Facebook page where they're posting behind the scenes gossip and photos (I'm STALKING that page). It's here:

And you can stalk (follow) them on Twitter here:

And April Pearson (who's playing Beth) has a Twitter account here:

I did find Karl Davies' Twitter account too but he hasn't updated it since November 2011 :(

Right, I need to shut up now and get back to work writing my second psychological suspense novel 'Last Girl Standing' (or just stalk Home for Christmas the film some more...)

A HUGE thank you to everyone who's bought The Accident. It's currently at number 46 in the Kindle chart and has 50 five star reviews. It's still available for 69p but only for a limited time and if you've read it and loved it I'd be so grateful for an Amazon review.

lots of love 
(a really very hyperexcited)


Karen said...

This must be every writer's dream come true, Cally, I'm so excited for you! My mum is equally excited, being a massive Emmerdale and Karl Davies fan, not to mention a 'Home for Christmas' fan! Can't wait to see it.

Chris Stovell said...

It's wonderful, wonderful news! Many congratulations to you!

Lindsay said...

How fabulous! Well done. I'm still dreaming of getting the novel published (but of course have secretly cast the characters for the film) So pleased your dreams is coming true. Keep us posted!

CL Taylor said...

Karen - I love your mum and I've never even met her!

Chris - thank you so much x

Lindsay - the funny thing is, years ago, I wrote a blog post about who I'd cast in Heaven Can Wait but I never did it for Home for Christmas. Love the casting. Good luck with your novel - perseverance is 90% of the secret to getting published.