Thursday, 20 November 2014

Home for Christmas the film - it's been made!

Back in May I wrote a blog post about watching the filming of my second romantic comedy Home for Christmas.

Well, I'm delighted to say that the film has been finished and it'll be screened in select independent cinemas across the UK in December! Here's the trailer:

 And here's me, being interviewed by the crew back in May, when I went to watch the filming:

Unlike big money feature films that have guaranteed screenings Home for Christmas will be shown via 'our screen' which is a kind of on-demand cinema for independently made films. If enough people pre-book tickets then the film will be show but, if they don't, it won't (and anyone who pre-booked tickets isn't charged).

The cast and crew are going to do a Q&A at some of the screenings (see trailer for details) and I'll be going to the premiere in Brighton on 4th December, a screening in Liverpool on 17th December (fingers crossed, if enough people pre-book!) and the screening in Bristol on 7th December (ditto).

So far the film is going to be shown at the following cinemas and you can buy tickets by clicking on the links below:

Duke of Yorks WORLD PREMIERE, Brighton, December 4th at 21:00 

The Gate, London, December 5th at 23:00

Gower Heritage Centre, Swansea, December 6th at 18:00

 Watershed Cinema, Bristol, December 7th at 1.30pm

 Clapham Picture house, London, December 9th at 21:00

Regal Picturehouse, Henley on Thames, December 10th at 21:00

The Little Theatre Cinema, Bath, December 11th at 18:00

The Ritzy, London, December 12th at 23:15

Phoenix Picturehouse, Oxford, December 14th at 20:00

City Screen, York, December 15th at 20:00

Harbour Lights Picturehouse, Southampton, December 17th at 21:00

Cinema City, Norwich, December 18th at 21:00

Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool, December 19th at 21:00

Hackney Picturehouse, London, December 20th at10:30

If you can't make any of the screenings don't worry because the film will be made available on vimeo as 'pay per view' and will eventually be released on DVD. I'll let you know the details of those when they become available. But do make it to a screening if you can - there's nothing quite like seeing a film on the big screen and Home for Christmas is a lovely, funny, feel-good film (even if I do say so myself).

If you'd like to find out more do check out all the behind the scenes videos on YouTube:

And 'like' the film's pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Here's a little 'behind the scenes' action of April Pearson getting her revenge on Jamie the Director for getting her to wax her legs in one of the scenes!

It's a bit early but...Happy Christmas everyone!

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