Friday, 13 June 2014

And the winner of Beautiful Words is....

... to be revealed by the end of this blog post...

Nik Perring read all the entries and he's reached a decision on a winner. Here's Nik:

So, after considerable time thinking about all of these wonderful entries and words I've come to a decision. But before I tell you what it is I need to tell you how much I loved every entry - any of them could have a been a winner. In the end I've gone for Vamprye1979's crunch. It's a good word to say and it's not unusual. And I like how it makes her feel, like she can taste it, how it's much more than its six letters. So, congratulations to to her and a massive thank you to everyone who entered. 

Cheers Nik! And congratulations Vamprye1979. Please leave me a direct message on my Facebook page with your postal address and I'll get Nik's wonderful book to you ASAP.

Thanks everyone who entered. I loved reading your word choices.