Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Lie - my first Sunday Times Bestseller!

I have no idea if anyone still checks this blog for Cally Taylor news but, just in case I have a few lone readers that haven't moved over to my blog I thought
I'd post that I have a new book out!

It's another psychological thriller, writing as C.L. Taylor and it's called The Lie. It's about a woman called Jane who tries to reinvent herself and move on after a holiday from hell with three of her friends five years earlier, a holiday two of the friends didn't return from. Jane is happier than she's even been but when she receives a notes that says, 'I know your name's not really Jane Hughes' it's time to fight for her life all over again.

Heat magazine called it, 'an excellent psychological thriller'. Woman magazine gave it 5/5 and called it 'Spine-chilling' and The Sun's Fabulous magazine said it will, 'get your blood pounding'.

Retail support for The Lie has been astounding - it's in Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Morrisons as well as WH Smith, WH Smith Travel and most branches of Waterstones. It's also number 1 on Kobo, number 3 on Sainsbury ebooks, number 6 on iBooks and number 36 on Amazon!

Earlier this week I learned that it had charted in the Sunday Times Bestsellers list at number 11. I am officially a Sunday Times Bestseller! Something I never would have dreamed was possible when I started this blog as an unpublished author back in 2006. This really has been the most astonishing month and I'm still on cloud nine. 

Or have a look on my new blog to find out what else has been going on this month.


Teresa Stenson said...

I still follow this blog, Cally - and wowza what brilliant news and what success - very happy for you! I'll def be reading the book. Well done.

Kam said...

Congrats, and I'm still following this blog :)

CL Taylor said...

Teresa and Kam - thanks so much for leaving comments. Lovely to know I still have readers checking in on this blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm still here :)

I think I can speak for all the other Novel Racers too: we're very proud of you.

Bren Murphy said...

Wow, you should be really proud of your achievement - and keep on being an inspiration for us all!

Malia Sage said...

this sounds hella good oh my i'm adding it to my list